Wendy Johansson

Vice President, Academy & User Experience in San Francisco, CA.

Hi! I'm Wendy Johansson

A co-founder of Wizeline, I lead the user-centric design strategy of Wizeline’s solutions. I built Wizeline's world-class UX design team and manage worldwide operations. I am the champion and creator Wizeline Academy programs, which began with UX Academy, and has grown to offer certified programs in Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, and Technical Writing.

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Selected Talks

VOR - Super Intelligence VOR Conference

Super Intelligence

"Next year's words await another voice" - speaking on machine learning and user experience at the VOR international conference. [Video]

Mexico City, February 2017
Design & Innovation in Media and Community Design & Innovation Week

Innovating a UX Culture

Featured speaker for Design & Innovation Week at MIND Mexico in Guadalajara. Gave a talk on Innovating a UX Culture. [Video]

Guadalajara, Mexico, November 2016
Design & Innovation in Media and Community Product School

Why are you roadmapping?

Featured as a speaker for Product School's PM Workshops: "Why are you roadmapping? And how to be the best product manager ever." [Video]

San Francisco, September 2016


  1. 2018

    • Voice Summit, sponsored by Amazon Alexa Words Matter: UX Principles in Voice Assistant Conversations New York City, July 2018
    • Unity Developer Day: Mexico 2018 Keynote: Mexico's Silicon Valley - Building Global Software Mexico City, June 2018
    • Nexus 2018: A Greater Intelligence - The Next Phase of Nearshore Panel: The State of Nearshore Delivery as Digital Commands Higher Performance San Francisco, June 2018
    • Wizeline Academy UX Sessions Building a UX Career Guadalajara MX, June 2018
    • Líderes en Ingenierías Keynote: AI and the Human Experience - Better Together Puerto Vallarta, May 2018
    • Google Developer Launchpad Guadalajara Keynote: Aligning UX with Product in Startups Guadalajara MX, April 2018
    • Tech:ED Workshop, by MITA Ventures Chatbots in communication & commerce Mexico City, January 2018
  2. 2017

    • Futur en Seine Guest Speaker at Various Breakout Sessions Paris, June 2017
    • Design & Innovation Week Designing for Voice Interfaces - Keynote Speaker Guadalajara MX, April 2017
    • VOR Super Intelligence Next year's words await another voice [Video] Mexico City, February 2017
  3. 2016

    • Design & Innovation Week Innovating a UX Culture [Video] Guadalajara MX, November 2016
    • Women in Product 10 User Psychology Tips for Product Managers [Video] San Francisco, September 2016
    • Product School Why are you roadmapping? [Video] San Francisco, September 2016
    • Society of Women Engineers Executive Speaker Series - featured speaker San Diego, June 2016
  4. The Past

    • ITESO, Institute of Technology Lean UX: How to Design like a Startup Guadalajara MX, October 2014
    • Startup GDL Guiding Principles of Lean UX San Francisco, March 2014
    • Startup GDL UX as a Strategy Guadalajara MX, March 2014
    • Vitamin T Digital Rendezvous 10 Things About Human Psychology that UX Designers San Francisco, May 2014
    • Tech In Motion UX Meetup Making UX Matter To Your Company San Jose, March 2013
    • Human Factors & Ergonomics Society What Is UX? And Why Work At A Startup? Mountain View, September 2012
    • UC San Diego Cognitive Science Conference Keynote Speaker: My Life as a Startup San Diego, April 2012
    • UC San Diego Society of Women Engineers Guest Speaker: Women in Industry San Diego, October 2011
    • Parson's New School of Design Making a Living With Design New York, September 2010
    • Stanford Women in Engineering Speaker Series Guest Speaker: Women in Startups Palo Alto, April 2010


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