UX is a strategy, not a deliverable


Making UX Matter – video

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Honestly, I’m kind of a terrible professional networker because when I meet someone new in a tech setting, I don’t want to know what they do, who they work for, what they’ve built in the past. I want to know about them. I want to know their story. I want to know what drives them, […]


Recap and Q&A by Tech In Motion about my talk Making UX Matter To Your Company


Making UX Matter to Your Company

I had the pleasure of speaking at #TechInMotion and #SVUX’s meet-up last Thursday night in downtown San Jose. This was my first talk to a group of tech professionals – in the past, I’ve focused on helping younger tech, UX and design folks figure out their path in industry. Figuring out the topic of my […]


Commuting my commute

There are exceptions, though, and one of them concerns commuting. Modern economics bases much of its analysis on the idea that people “maximise their utility”. The idea is that everything we do makes sense in some material way or other: the economic view of commuting would be that although people don’t necessarily enjoy it, they do […]


UX scrum board

At Ooyala, I employed an online scrum board for our global UX team via Scrumy which broke down big products into design tasks such as “define personas”, “wireframes” and “iterate on customer feedback.” Almost daily, our global team would connect via Skype video chat and move our “stickies” around – discussing progress and blockers in […]


Week 1 of 5 day design sprint

After 2 months of growth, change and realignment at Tout, I’m finally able to pivot our product development process from PM’s acting as UX to employing the 5 day design sprint. In week 1, the following lessons have already been learned: You can’t do a 5 day design sprint on each and every product or […]


Government Digital Service Design Principles

Very cool set of design principles from the UK government website.


Hire someone smarter than you

When I had to make my first UX hire at Ooyala, I went to seek advice from the person who hired me, Sean Knapp, the HCI-minded co-founder at Ooyala. He gave me one simple tip, “Hire someone smarter than you.” At the time, it seemed like simple, logical advice, and over the years I’ve shared […]


Pac-12 Now iPad app is live!

The Pac-12 Now iPad app is one of the best things I’ve created in my time at Ooyala. It’s now live in the iTunes store and I’m very pleased with the press!